Moving Day – Phase One

Everything fit

Today is finally the day, after five years of living in Kingston I am finally moving. Those that know me know that I haven’t loved living here (I’ll admit the summers here are pretty great) but now that I am leaving I am getting a little nostalgic.

Here’s the plan:

Pack up the truck (with the help of Elysia and Alex)

Drop off my Internet modem

Drive to storage unit in Toronto

Unpack (with the help of Erin)

Drop off She-beast, suitcase, and cat stuff to my temporary digs

Drive truck to drop-off place

Bike back to where I am staying

It’ll be a long day with a stressed kitty. I’ll post some snaps when I get a chance.

A snap of my trusty desk this morning:


Packing and Preparing to Move

Tomorrow I pack up the U-Haul I rented (with the help of Elysia and Alex – thanks, btw) and move all my stuff to a Toronto storage unit. I have had the luxury of packing slowly and because of this I have been able to purge like crazy (I got rid of three banker’s boxes of paper stuff and countless trips to the Sally Ann to donate things I no longer needed). That said, I have over sixty boxes to move into my wee basement apartment in July (about 20 boxes are full of books – sorry Elysia and Alex). So the challenge will be to make my new place feel open and spacious (can it be done?).*


As I don’t take possession of my new place until July 1st, She-beast and I shall be staying with a friend for June. While I am no stranger to living out of a suitcase (I spent a month in the states doing research with a small duffel bag) for some reason this seems strange and more stressful. I guess I am just anxious to move into my new place and be done with it. As a way to cope, I am looking at my temporary situation as a test run for my year of basement living. I’ll let you know how the test run goes. Okay, back to packing and cleaning.

*Also, what to do with all my storage totes?



For the past few years I have lived above ground in a light filled apartment. As a grad student I was very lucky. Now I am moving back to Toronto and I’ll be living in my very first basement apartment. Why? Well, to be honest because I am in this in-between state, finished my Ph.D. (yay!) but not quite fully employed, and I am carrying a ton of student debt. I wanted to be back in Toronto and with the rental market as it is, I found I could only really afford a basement apartment. That said, I am super excited to share my experience with living below ground with others (since there are a few of us out there). Stay posted.