Packing and Preparing to Move

Tomorrow I pack up the U-Haul I rented (with the help of Elysia and Alex – thanks, btw) and move all my stuff to a Toronto storage unit. I have had the luxury of packing slowly and because of this I have been able to purge like crazy (I got rid of three banker’s boxes of paper stuff and countless trips to the Sally Ann to donate things I no longer needed). That said, I have over sixty boxes to move into my wee basement apartment in July (about 20 boxes are full of books – sorry Elysia and Alex). So the challenge will be to make my new place feel open and spacious (can it be done?).*


As I don’t take possession of my new place until July 1st, She-beast and I shall be staying with a friend for June. While I am no stranger to living out of a suitcase (I spent a month in the states doing research with a small duffel bag) for some reason this seems strange and more stressful. I guess I am just anxious to move into my new place and be done with it. As a way to cope, I am looking at my temporary situation as a test run for my year of basement living. I’ll let you know how the test run goes. Okay, back to packing and cleaning.

*Also, what to do with all my storage totes?


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