Back in Toronto

I have lived in Toronto several times over the course of my life, each time was connected to school. This will be the first time I have lived in the city sans school and I am really looking forward to creating a life here.

I have made a list of things I want to do over the course of the summer:

-go to Toronto Island (I have never been)

-explore the Don Valley River trails (I have been walking in the Yellow Creek ravine and loving it)

-go to Shakespeare in the Park

-start volunteering (still deciding where, I’ll keep you posted)

-check out the different Farmers’ Markets in Toronto, starting with Withrow Farmers’ Market since it is in my new neighbourhood

-reconnect with friends

-find a knit night to join (I miss the knit night at Knit 1 Chicago)

-have all the picnics here, here, and perhaps here

For now, I want to get settled and get serious, serious about finding some full-time work in the field.


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