I love this part of moving, when you get to pre-plan and try and decide what is going to go where. After viewing the apartment in May I drew this wee sketch from memory and I have been working from it as I try to plan where things will go.

It is decidedly a rough sketch and I can’t be sure that it is the exact layout but it gives me something to work with.

There are only three windows in the apartment: (1) in the entrance to the apartment in the kitchen area, (2) in the living room area on the bottom right where the lines are by the measurement 87 (not the measurement of the window, unfortunately), and (3) in the bathroom. I plan to use the wall on the bottom of the drawing for my Ikea Ivar shelving unit to house all of my books. I have a wall mounted table that I want to use for eating, although I am bringing my desk with me (we’ll see what happens). Currently my bed does not have legs but for this place I plan on getting legs for it so I can utilize the storage potential underneath the bed. There are two closets and a bit of storage in the utilities area but not much more so I’ll be finding creative ways to store bits and bobs. I can’t wait to show you actual pictures of the place. I didn’t take any when I viewed the place and wasn’t quick enough to take screen shots of the online listing for the place.


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