Is it too early on a Monday morning to talk about principles? Perhaps, but let’s take a crack at it, shall we?

I have been thinking about how I live my life and what rules or beliefs govern my personal behaviour. I am not religious but I do believe our actions have consequences. I was raised to say please and thank you, to be kind to others, and to tread lightly on this earth. This was taught by example more than doctrine.

As I move along in my life, I want to make my actions reflect those principles that were passed along to me but I want to do more. I know it is kind of trendy thing to want to live authentically but this is the direction I want to go (not to be trendy but just because it feels right). What I think the trend neglects to deal with is the personalized definition of what living authentically means on an individual level. So, as I move forward I want to cultivate and grow those principles I was raised with.

Alana’s Principles for Living an Authentic Life

  1. Be polite to everyone regardless of the shit I am dealing with personally
  2. Be kind to others, and, more significantly, to myself since I can’t be kind to others when I am not kind to myself
  3. Be considerate of the earth and my impact on it (use less, recycle more, give back in some way)
  4. Be more public-spirited and help to build a better community through my actions
  5. Be curious, ask questions, and be ready for answers I might not be comfortable with

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