Things – Picnics


Summer is all about picnics. When I lived in Australia I came to truly understand the joy of eating al fresco. You don’t need much, a blanket, some food and something to drink, and throw in some friends and you have the making of a great meal and a nice time.

So, what makes good picnic fare? Simplicity, I say. No need to go overboard. Cheese, baguette, olives, avocado, nuts, fruit, and lemonade. Done. Use the lids of Tupperware as plates, pack cutlery, bring a cup, and voila, you don’t have to throw away anything (I tend to go with the pack in, pack out mentality).


Picnic facts from living abroad:

In South Korea you can order take out to be delivered practically anywhere.  I’ve seen pizza delivered to picnickers in a downtown Seoul park. How does one even place that order. “Please deliver the food to the third tree down from the bench, by the entrance.”

In Sydney, Australia picknickers will put up wee fences, staking out their area in a large picnic area when there are large events going on.

When having a picnic, Australians also know how to protect their wine glasses from tipping over. You can buy wine glass holders that are staked into the ground (genius, really) and hold the stemmed glass upright, away from accidental knocks.

In Paris, I you can picnic pretty much anywhere. My favourite was on the Pont des Arts bridge.


2012-05-30 16.11.11_2

But, the best picnics are those where it is a potluck kind of situation. Invite a bunch of friends, find a piece of grass, preferably with a bit of shade, and bring out the food and share in the joys of eating with friends outside while we still can. Summer is way too short in Canada.


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