Seating Situation

As the month of June wears on, I continue to think about my new apartment. And, more specifically, to seating. The challenge with my new space is going to be the lack of space. But I want to try to create a place I will want to come home to and part of that equation is creating a space that is comfortable and relaxing. In my last apartment I had a couch. I wasn’t too keen on initially having it, but I grew to love sitting there in the mornings with my cup of tea, a book, and She-beast resting on my lap. The couch was perfect because I could sit with my legs stretched out and rest my back against the side arm.

My seating situation in my last apartment (couch in the background).

My seating situation in my last apartment (couch in the background).

In my new space I will not have the room for a proper couch and my chair (both seen above) will probably take up too much room. So, I have been thinking about the possibility of building something sort of like this, a FOTM daybed (found on Design*Sponge). Wouldn’t that be a great alternative? Can I build things? Not really. But if I could have a place to read in the morning with my kitty on my lap, I would try my hand at DIY. I’ll keep you posted.



2 thoughts on “Seating Situation

  1. Dawn Walker says:

    Oh, that would be lovely…you should totally built that! On another note, I think something like that would look lovely in our backyard! Thanks for the inspiration 😉


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