Out & About – The Lower Don Valley Trail

IMG_4297 IMG_4291

Last weekend I hopped on my bike and explored a bit of the Don Valley Trails. I started at the Corktown Commons and what is known as the Lower Don Valley Trail. There was a construction sign saying the path was closed but there were enough riders coming down the trail that I took a chance, and I was glad that I did.

When I lived in Toronto before, I didn’t take advantage of all of the different green corridors that the city has to offer. The Don Valley is one of those spaces that I am sure I am going to make use of, especially since I’ll be living near the middle section of this trail.

IMG_4293 IMG_4294

Parts of the trail are going through construction (hence the sign that everyone seems to ignore), but overall it was a lovely ride with mostly flat terrain. I made my way over the river (on the bridge above, left) and on the other side went under the Bloor Street viaduct (above, right) just as the subway was passing overhead. When I got to Pottery Road, I crossed over but got on to the road to make my way to Bayview Road so I could get to the Evergreen Brick Works and use the Beltline Trail to the David Balfour Park, where I then made my way back to where I am currently staying. It was a great ride and I hope to explore the upper parts of the trail when I move into my new place in July.


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