The Move In – Day One

As I mentioned yesterday, the move happened during two exhausting days. The first day, Charlene and I moved everything that we had packed into her van. I prioritized my bed so I could sleep there, bedding, the Ivar shelving unit, dishes, and anything else that would fit. When that was all unloaded we went to the place I was staying for the month of June and brought that stuff and She-beast back to the apartment. Charlene then headed home to get ready for a concert that evening and I was left to start unpacking.

Here are some images from unpacking that first day.



I set to sorting out the kitchen first. You can see the progress.

Next, I worked on the shelves (Charlene helped me set them up before she left).


Here (above) is the empty space where the shelves would go. I was very lucky that I was able to expand my Ivar shelving unit to fit three and have included the desk space I talked about in this post.


When I woke up the next morning I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of light that the apartment gets throughout the day. A bonus when you live below ground. Stay tuned for day two of the move in tomorrow.


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