The Move In – Day Two

I moved into an apartment that is smaller than a 5th wheel trailer. My previous apartment was pretty spacious and living there for over two years I accumulated more stuff, as one does. The second day of the move in was a bit overwhelming. I have 12 Rubbermaid Roughneck 25-gallon totes and in this new space no storage space (or very little). I also have quite a few books and ample kitchen stuff. The task was to get it all to fit.


Most of the day felt like I was a tetras master, trying to move all the pieces around to fit.


The architectural “details” or weird layout of the space proved to be challenging. As did having to deal with space heaters that no longer function BUT take up valuable wall space.


As you can see from the above snap I still need more shelves. I wanted to unpack all of the boxes so I fit all the books in the bookcase just to get them off the floor.


Piles and piles of stuff everywhere. I’ll reveal the end result as soon as it is all finished.





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