It has been a little over a week and a bit since I moved in. I wanted to show you the kitchen as it currently is. But first, here is a reminder what it looked like when I first moved in.


The kitchen is very small but full of potential. As you can see the cupboards are teeny tiny (like those found in trailers or boats). Regardless of the small scale of everything I some how managed to get a lot into that space.


The stove is a bit wonky (I can’t seem to straighten out the bottom drawer) but it has some character with the knobs on the front instead of at the back. The previous tenant left a mirror hanging on the wall in another part of the apartment so I thought I would try it out behind the metal shelf I put beside the stove to create the illusion of space. I hung another mirror above the stove as a way to bounce light around. No, I am not vain . . .




There was an awkward space above the sink and no room to stand my spice / tea rack so I decided to hang it.






Above the fridge I placed artwork and a basket with my kitchen towels, wash cloths, and cloth napkins. In the cupboard behind the artwork are items that I occasionally use and although it is a pain in the butt to have to move everything to get at that stuff, but I like how the added visual interest creates exciting pops of colour. Plus, you can’t really go wrong with artwork made by a four-year old (on the left) and an amazing poster from the Whitechapel Gallery in London (on the right).


As I mentioned before, the cupboards are pretty tiny. I have had to downsize the amount of cups and mugs put out for use. But, I was thinking this will allow me to switch up what I use throughout the year to keep things fresh and new.




On the other side of the fridge I have a three-tiered hanging basket where I like to store veggies. Another way to save space, since there is so little counter space.

Like I have mentioned before, the kitchen gets a surprising amount of light and between 5:00 and about 6:30 direct light streams through the door’s window. I have hung my rainbow maker, so during that time pretty rainbows dance all over the surfaces.



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