Things – A Wee Herb Garden

On Tuesday, I bought a planter with herbs. Our summer has been super sunny and hot here in Toronto and that has been great for urban gardeners with access to water. The planter, which has basil, rosemary, parsley, and chives, was over grown and the first day I harvested the basil and made pesto (which I forgot to photograph). The image below shows the basil (top) after it was cut back.






As you can see the chives were looking a bit droopy, so I harvested them as well.

If, you know me well, you know that I love to freeze stuff. Grated cheese, soups, homemade pizza sauce, baked beans, all of these things get thrown into the freezer. So, I thought why not the chives as well?

First, I cut the whole lot of the chives down to about two inches from the soil.


After I washed the chive cuttings and picked out the dried up or dead looking strands, I used a pair of scissors to cut them into small bite-sized sections. Next, I placed the cut sections on a baking pan (and found more bits to pick out) before throwing the pan in the freezer.

IMG_4500                            IMG_4502



After a couple hours the chives were completely frozen, so I removed the “frozen fresh” chives from the pan and put them in a small mason jar where I’ll keep them (in the freezer) till needed. I’ll be able to add them to a variety of recipes that call for fresh chives. And, especially with the summer we’ve been having, the chives will grow back in time to harvest at least once or twice more before winter.

IMG_4506              IMG_4509



There you can see the bounty that is growing in my freezer. Grated mozzarella cheese, pesto, and the chives.


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