Living Area

The kitchen, as we saw last week, is at one end of the living area and the living area extends from there. I have tried to use the space, which measures 135 x 86 inches OR 80.63 square feet, in a way that doesn’t make it seem that small because it is so teeny tiny. To do this, I have tried to create the sense of increased area by minimizing what I have in it, while also maximizing all I can do in the living area. This is still very much a work-in-progress but things are slowly coming together.


As I have mentioned elsewhere, this apartment has some frustrating features, including space heaters that no longer work. So, for the entrance I used this unusable space (meaning I could have easily extended the Ivar shelving unit further out if not for the space heater) by creating an entrance of sorts. This is where I plan to hang my seasonal coats, stash my scarves and mittens, and catch any miscellaneous stuff, like newspapers, magazines, or books I want to take to the book exchange. For the low shelf, I hung the top of a piano bench I had in Kingston that didn’t quite survive the move, to be the “catch-all” with the baskets. Above the shelf,  I hung individual hooks for my coats and shopping bags (which I may add to as it gets cooler and I need more coat options, with a few more hooks). I decided to also hang smaller hooks (to the right)  for my bike helmet and summer hat and keys.



Below, I store my shoes and added an Ikea crate to increase the storage area.

Storage x 2


Deceptively, this area includes two forms of storage. Since the kitchen is so small, I got creative in where to put my larger items or those awkward things, such as a can opener or veggie peeler (I don’t have any kitchen drawers) so, I repurposed this yellow set of drawers for overall storage (mostly for my kitchen stuff). It is the perfect width for my lasagna pan and there are enough drawers to include one for junk, linen, and Tupperware.


BUT, there is also a cubby hole behind the Walker Evans poster that stores my extra-large soup pots, iron, and other random things.


While it is a bit of pain to get at, it is a lifesaver in this wee apartment.

Table / Eating Area


With only just over 80 square feet for this area of the apartment, furniture gets shifted around throughout the day.  Above you can see where my reading chair is when the wall-mounted table is down. When it is time to eat I shift the chair around placing it beside the shelves.


That way I can lift up the table and have a place to eat. I have now had two dinners with people over and I wish that there was just a bit more space so I could seat three comfortably at the table. For now it is a one-person-over-at-a-time sort of entertaining.




This weekend I finally had the opportunity to go to Ikea to get the extra shelves I needed to finish up with my living area. Before that one side of my bookcase looked like this.


I wanted to get all of my boxes unpacked so the remaining books went on to one shelf all happenstance (I know, I know – this is not good for the books and their poor spines). Now this area looks like this.


And here is the other side.


Work Area


I created a work area in the centre of the shelving unit so that I could differentiate between where I work and where I eat (just like I discussed here).


A Work in Progress

As I mentioned, this is still all a work in progress, especially this area at the other end of the room. I want to put in either a specially made daybed here or a camping cot (to be used as a seating area) but I haven’t had the time to make something and the camping cot I was interested in is just a few inches too long for the space. So for right now this will have to do.  Any suggestions for this area? Another option is to find two chairs with smaller foot prints than the chair I currently have . . .

IMG_4714     IMG_4715

I hope you liked the tour.


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