Here is a peek into my bathroom.

The bathroom is off the living area and divided by a small “hall space” (if you can call it that) where there is a closet on the left-hand side and where I store my bike on the right. There is a small window that opens and between 10:00 and 11:00 sun streams in creating this bright spot in the apartment.


While the space might be small, it has everything one needs (although I am finding I do miss having a bathtub, since there is only a shower stall – to the right of the door).


The previous tenant left this necklace organizer and I kept it to hang my various necklaces. I like how it adds pops of colour and texture to the space.

P1060529 P1060537

There is ample counter space and I have left a lot of my stuff out on display. I mounted this Ikea mirror because the huge mirror that is in the bathroom is a bit too far away to really see anything.

P1060523 P1060530

I covered the small window with a piece of knitted lace that I picked-up years ago and never really found a use for, until now. The window looks out to the air conditioning unit and also the side road, so I wanted to create a bit of cover that still allowed for ample light.


With this choice of window covering, I decided to hang these two prints I have to carry on the lace-like look.

P1060531 P1060532








In addition to ample counter space, there is heaps of storage below. On one side I store extra bathroom supplies and below the sink I store all of the kitty supplies.

P1060538 P1060540







Since the majority of the apartment is carpeted, I decided to store the kitty litter box in the bathroom, so it would be easier to maintain the litter mess (I also store a dust pan and small broom to sweep up daily).


That is my bathroom. This is the room I have done the least with and, as with all the other rooms, is a work in progress. Currently it is painted a light grey colour, but I am thinking a nice bright white coat of paint may be nice. What do you think?




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