Here is my bedroom, the final room to reveal. This, like all the rooms in my teeny tiny apartment (240 sq. feet), is a work in progress but I thought you might be interested in what it looks like so far. I move throughout the space in a counterclockwise route, if you were wondering how the space works.


This is the first bed I ever bought myself. It isn’t great but it does the job. Moving from a two-bedroom apartment to this one was a bit challenging but this bed ended up being the problem solver. How, you ask. Well, I have Tupperware storage totes that I purchased because I thought (at the time) it was better to invest in these as moving boxes. Thing is, they have become storage receptacles and I needed to find a place to store them as I didn’t have access to a basement space to store them since I was living in the basement.

P1060637            P1060644

As I began organizing my bedroom, (the last room I tackled) it quickly became apparent that I wouldn’t have room to stash these away in one of my two small closets since those were already jam-packed. Before I moved I thought about the possibility of having to store these blue eyesores under my bed, When it came down to the reality of the situation under the bed was the only place these totes would fit. I know this isn’t ideal (so far none of the bins have collapsed, knock on wood). First of all, having my storage totes under the bed makes for getting at the items in the totes a bit awkward. Fortunately, I have each tote labeled (above left). Second, I have to use a stool to gingerly climb into bed (above right). But overall, this was the best way to deal with the situation, especially since I really don’t have a budget to build anything or store them offsite.


To the left of my bed I have a small night table and you can see what appears to be two closets. Unfortunately, the one that She-beast is staring at, with the double doors, is where the water tank and furnace are located. I do have a bit of storage in there but not too much. The closet to the left is full to the brim with banker’s boxes and clothes and other bits and bobs. My two closets will be dealt with in a future post (or two). You can also see where the stool I use to get into bed is stored during the day. Behind that stool is a small storage space where I have put all of the boxes and newspaper I used to move in. I am hoping that the material will be useable when I eventually move out.


Above that storage space is a cubby hole. Since the bedroom has no window I think this cubby hole is meant to let in light and be in lieu of an actual window. But, in such a small space I have made use of it for two types of storage. On the bedroom side I put a small bookcase in the middle and have taller books on the sides. On the living area side, I have a poster covering the hole which hides larger kitchen items (see this post).


In my last apartment, which I would have described as minimalist, I had my artwork spread throughout the space. Here I have all of my black and white photographs hung together for a more maximalist approach.


On the other side of the entrance to the bedroom (there is no actual door) I have my dresser with some more art and family photographs.


My desk didn’t fit in the apartment, so I turned it on its side and use it to add texture and to hold two more pieces of art.

This is by no means my “dream” bedroom, but it serves the purpose for now and it is surprisingly comfy. I was worried about the noise from the furnace, especially since the air conditioning unit seems to be running all the time, but it hasn’t been all that bad. Do I miss having a window. Yes! But for now I am enjoying my high bed and dark mornings.

*I had to use flash to get these images, since there wasn’t enough light.


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