Slowing Down – Listening to the Radio

My Mom was a huge fan of CBC radio. Growing up, we lived in northern British Columbia and the CBC connected us with other Canadians and the world. While I didn’t really actively listen to the various programs, my Mom always had it on and so it was a part of growing up. But I do remember loving Mr. Canoehead, a character that was a regular and popular feature of one of the weekly radio programs. With an aluminum canoe fused to his head through a freak accident with lightening, Mr. Canoehead is the quintessential Canadian superhero (slightly aloof, self-deprecating, and polite). The character was so popular that he was made into a television character on the CBC show 4 on the Floor, where his tag line was “Mr. Canoehead, Canada’s Greatest Alumnus Crime Fighter.” But I am off topic . . .


As a pre-teen, I would stay up late on Sunday’s to listen to the 1930s radio show The Shadow. This radio drama, which began in the 1930s, was rebroadcast by CBC in the 1980s. Listening to this mystery-drama seemed grown-up since none of my other friends listen to it. I enjoyed the suspense and having to imagine what the characters looked like.

There is something slow about listening to the radio. You have to pay attention and engage with the words that flow out of the speakers. I don’t have a television, so I tend to get my news through social media or the radio. I prefer listening to the news since I don’t get distracted by the visuals and the plethora of commercials.


For my birthday I was given a gift certificate for Amazon. I have been sitting on that gift for a few months now. Since moving, I have begun to listen more often to the radio. At first I was using either my phone or computer to stream CBC radio 1 live. This works but I have been wanting to get a proper radio for sometime. So last month I splurged and treated myself to a Sangean radio. Simple in its design, this radio is just what I wanted with its retro look and wood finish. I didn’t want bells and whistles or any digital features. Listening to the radio just got that more pleasurable.