As I discussed in this post on my living area, I have a chest of drawers that I use for storage. When I first moved in, I just threw everything into the drawers and they were pretty messy and completely unorganized. I took the time last week to go through each drawer and organize the mess. The drawers are new-to-me and have become an integral part of keeping my wee basement apartment orderly.


The top drawer is what I call my “junk drawer” filled with maps and other assorted stuff (my drill, paint, twine, etc.). I purchased small baskets to organize the chaos. Now I have a place to corral the junk of my life.

P1060576 P1060594

The next drawer is kind of a continuation of the first. Here I have my composting bags for the green bin, post-it-notes, a random bag of flax seeds, bookends, a platter, and placemats.

P1060575 P1060600

The third drawer down gets plenty of use. Here I store my mason jar lids, storage containers, and things like my can opener, peeler, and other kitchen goods that usually go in drawers.

Things got shifted around from the third and fourth drawers so I didn’t have a clear before snap.


The fourth and fifth drawers are behind the cat scratching post I have (see first image at the top), so I tried to store the things I use the least in these two bottom drawers, since I have to move the post each time to get at this stuff (not a lot of work to do, but I could imagine it getting old pretty fast).

P1060578 P1060601

The fifth drawer didn’t change at all from when I first moved in, it has my baking pans which also happens to be the heaviest of the drawers, so it made sense keeping that the bottom drawer as it was.