Shelves – I dream of Ivar

As I mentioned last week in my Ikea wish list post, I have Ivar shelving. The plan is to add to my existing system to accommodate my growing book collection (you can never have too many books, right?). When I was going through different websites I came across several great ideas but the one that stuck out to me is from the Ikea website (see below). In one section a wee desk area is set-up. I want to try this out when I set up my shelves but I worry that it may be a waste of valuable book space. In another way, though, this is a compact way of creating a desk in a small space.

Part of the appeal of this set up is separating my “eating” area from my “working” area. I am planning on having my Norbo wall-mounted drop leaf table on the opposite wall as my kitchen table, where the plan is to actually eat all my meals sitting down and not in front of my computer or standing up as I rush out the door. I have a small laptop, so incorporating a desk into the bookcase might just be the answer. I’ll keep you posted. But I am interested, what are your thoughts?


If I go this route it will be quite a change from the desk I used to write my Ph.D. (see below). But what can you do when you have limited space? I say, get creative!



*First image from the Ikea website



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